Melekai Joe

The Sad Man

by Melekai Joe

Released 2016
Released 2016
A Life's Story of Love, Loss, and Betrayal. Of Loneliness and despair. lyrics by Lori j Brewer.
Lori brewer wrote the Lyrics in her late teens.. Melekai Joe is multi Instrumentalist with a passion for recording and Performing Live Shows either solo 12 string acoustic, or with a full out Band. Melekai Joe recorded this song while Visiting Malaysia in 2015. Only using a 12 string Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums And his own Vocals.. After a 3 year World Tour travelling over 12 different countries, The Well hidden Secret and Gem of Nashville is Back in the USA and getting ready to record and tour again Stateside. Solo or his band the Beginning may even Come to your town.. Melekai Joe has over 70 original Tunes and is Rated #1 on many Independent Music Websites, and Radio Charts.. For fun Google Melekai Joe and see for yourself.. A full CD will be coming out in late 2016, so you will not want to miss this Multi Genre Songwriter