Melekai Joe

Melekai Joe- A World touring and Nashville Recorded Artist. 

2018 Back in USA until November. Studio Work and Small Venues.

2017 Recording New Material for Latest Cd Release. Studio is in New England and with Beaird Music Group Nashville USA.

2017 Performing in Various venues in New England USA.

2017 Performing at  Various Venues in Austin Tx.

2017  Mexico Jamming with Various Bands and musicians from Different Countries. Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico.

2017 Grammy Award Considered  and Performing in front of 700+ Vip's, Nominees and Fans at El Rey Theatre Los Angeles for the first time.

2017 Before Illness Doc Holiday a Legend in Country Music Sent a contract and Offer to Melekai Joe to Record and Publish through SONY ATV. 

2016 Listed as an Independent Powerhouse for New Music and Independent Songwriter/Performer.

2015-2016 Rated #1 on Reverbnation Consecutively for 2 years. Also Rated in top 5 for National and 20 International

2015 Rated in the Top 20 Independent National Charted Artists

2014 Top 20 Independent Radio Charts for the entire year

2013 Started a World tour to Include 13 countries, Also In the Top 30 Independent radio charts and International Charts

2012 Nashville "A team" Recording at Treasure Isle Recorders Nashville